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Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system has an important function in the body, as it acts as a filter for bacteria and toxins.
If the body becomes stressed in any way, through injury, tension, or illess then lymph is restricted and toxins accumulate in the tissues.
This course covers techniques to stimulate the lymphatic system and help maintain it's core function.

Lymphatic drainage massage can help with a range of problems including detoxing the body, sinus problems, swollen legs and ankles,
lymphoedema, muscle damage,fluid retention and many other associated problems.

Course Content
Why Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic System
Contra-indications and Contra-actions
Applications / uses of Lymphatic drainage
Techniques / Practical

Course duration
One day

Course fee £145.00

Credit card bookings available by telephone.

Our training groups are small, usually a maximum of 4, although this ensures more individual attention, our classes do fill up very quickly.

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